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Outdoor Water Solutions started in 2005 selling large, functional windmills across the U.S. and Canada.  We expanded in 2007 to include decorative Outdoor Water Solutions Backyard Windmills™. Today we continue to add new models, sizes, and styles to our portfolio of Backyard Windmills™.

Outdoor Water Solutions Backyard Windmills™ are designed and built for customers who enjoy windmills but may not have the space to install one of our larger windmill systems.  Our Backyard Windmills are made of the same steel and components you find on our larger windmills and are designed to last for years.

Backyard Windmills are available in several models to suit our customer’s varied needs.  We offer small metal ornamental windmills, larger decorative windmills, and several wooden windmills.   Our goal is to be the leading manufacturer of backyard decorative windmills for North America.

Outdoor Water Solutions also manufactures larger windmills, as tall as 28′ tall that can be used for pond and lake aeration, water pumping, as well as for ornamental or decorative purposes.   We can custom powder coat any of the larger windmills, designing any color or color combination you can think of. Have a favorite sports team? We can do it.

We look forward to working with you to design the Backyard Windmill of your dreams!

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New Large Wood Backyard Windmills!

Many of our customers have asked us to develop a larger wood windmill that truly makes a statement.  Decorative Large ...



I have had my 12’ Red & White Windmill for quite some time now and we really like it and how well it pumps air into our pond. We did have a problem with the windmill and they made a new part and now it works great. We have had 50mph + winds and no problems. . I like how the company stands behind there parts with great customer service.

Thanks John.
Steve Ontjes, Kingman AZ.