Backyard WindmillsTM

Outdoor Water Solutions Inc. - pond and water specialists who manufacture and market environmentally friendly, innovative and affordable solutions for pond owners and outdoor water enthusiasts.

Outdoor Water Solutions manufactures and distributes its products throughout North America and has launched its brand into every state in the US in just a few short years. Their goal is to provide value added solutions to help improve water quality and to do so in an environmentally friendly manner. Outdoor Water Solutions Backyard Windmills TM have been designed and built for customers who enjoy windmills but do not have the space to install one of our larger windmill systems.

Backyard Windmills come in two models to suit our customers varied needs:

Backyard Windmill ornamental style for those customers who are looking for a reliable, well built and stylish ornamental windmill

Backyard Windmill aeration style for those customers who are also pond owners and are looking for an economical and environmentally friendly way to keep their backyard ponds healthy and clean. Ideal for aerating small koi and fish ponds.